How Can you help?

Please ask two questions to yourself : (1) Do you wish / desire to give donation? (2) Do you think "Manav Mandir" is worthy of your valuable donation? If yes, please visit us and contact Mr. Shashikant B. Khergamkar : Mobile : +91 92759 09288

Appeal for Donation:

An earnest appeal is made to the kind hearted donors to encourage and help us to provide homely and serene atmosphere for the old age people - where they can spend the remaining years of their lives in happiness, peace and joy. Our aim at present is to create a Reserve fund of more than Rs. one crore for the good maintenance of "Manav Mandir" and also to provide Free / Subsidized medical treatment in hospital and other facilities to the residents and bring more cheers to their lives.

You can be part of Manav Mandir:

  • Contribute in the daily routine work or events.
  • Donate Food, Games, Clothes, Arrange Events.
  • Reserve fund for Medical Treatment.
  • Long term association.
  • Nibhav Fund (corpus fund).
  • Tithi Daan.
  • Electricity Bill.
  • Newspapers & Periodicals.
  • Garden Maintenance.
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